ORBIT Youth Council is a group of 16-18-year olds from all over Scotland; Orkney to Glasgow, Mallaig to Cumbernauld. We are dedicated to amplifying the voice of Scotland’s youth.

Together with a team from Jupiter Artland, the Youth Council is shaping an exciting, new programme of art projects for communities across Scotland. Young people are at the helm of the decision making.

Applications are now closed for 2019 recruitment and we are delighted to welcome eight new Council Members to ORBIT. Check out our blog for more info on what we are getting up to in the coming months. Head to the Interviews page if you want to hear from pur 2018/19 cohort about their experiences so far.

"It brings out a passion in you. It makes you happy, you can come here and talk about art .. it widens your mind" Lyela


PJ -

My weekend with the ORBIT Council was amazing. I want to thank Jupiter Artland for the generosity that they’ve shown to me and the other members and for bringing me together with a group of new friends…it was such a magical experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Our journey so far…

ORBIT Youth Council have been contributing to Jupiter Artland’s artistic programme for over ten months. 

As a team, we are developing a range of soft and practical skills to prepare us for leaving school.

We have identified what we would like to gain from our bi-monthly meet ups: 

#  Improved awareness of career paths in the Creative Industries

#  Ability to present ideas and engage in debate with diverse audiences and communities​

#  Having a voice in their community

We have met face-to-face five times, once in London, twice in Edinburgh and Jupiter Artland, once in Glasgow at artist Rachel Maclean’s studio and again at Jupiter Rising Festival where we designed, created and curated and immersive experience for festival goers. 

Charlotte -

My favourite part of the tip was hearing about everyone else’s background in art…my family are not as interested in art as me so being able to go with other people who also enjoy art was fun, and I felt like we all shared an appreciation for the works. I am very excited about what we can produce as a council in the future!’

What's in it for us?

In November the Youth Council will travel to London to see exhibitions by Antony Gormley at the RA and Olafur Eliasson at Tate Modern. We aim to see work by a range of artists throughout the year, some who have work in Jupiter's permanent collection and others not connected to Jupiter. These provide the jumping off points for conversations about art and opportunities to discuss meaning and interpretation. 

"(It was) quite a change when we went to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibit, people were actually commenting on the art - rather than just saying that is a pretty colour - it was different, people were actually talking about meaning" Theo 


Read more about what we have been up to on the Orbit blog 

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