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ORBIT is a group of young people brought together from all over the Scotland who are helping to shape a programme of large scale art projects in communities across Scotland. Recruitment for new Council Members will begin on Wednesday 14th August 2019. 

ORBIT is dedicated to amplifying the voice of Scotlandʼs youth. If you join ORBIT you will work with a team of experienced professionals from Jupiter Artland and established artists. You will be at the helm of decision-making and represent your community. ORBIT Youth Council are guiding our future programme of outreach work and are its ambassadors. ORBIT pays for travel, food and accommodation whenever there are meetings or trips.

what is ORBIT?



Who Can Apply?

Places on the ORBIT Youth Council are open to Young People aged 16-18 resident in Scotland. 

You don’t need to be top of your class just passionate about the place you live or having your voice heard.

We welcome applications from young people who face barriers to accessing the arts and from people  who it enables to do something which would otherwise be impossible for them. 

What’s the Time Commitment?

The initial commitment is for one Academic year 2019-2020. 

Activities will take place on 4 weekends in November, January, April and June with one longer trip taking place during the Summer Holidays in 2020. The first weekend is based at Jupiter Artland and takes place in November. The council will determine future dates based on their schedules. 

How much does it cost?

Nothing. ORBIT pays for travel, food and accommodation whenever there are meeting or trips. 

What will I be doing?

Residential Experience Weekends – meet ups at Jupiter Artland involving

  • exploring the Artland

  • meeting the Jupiter team

  • learning about different art forms


Explorer Trips – exploring trips to Arts Spaces across Scotland and further afield involving

  • visiting galleries

  • meeting artists

  • understanding commissioning art work

Art in Your Community

Throughout the time the ORBIT Youth Council is together we will be exploring the impact art can have on a community. What is art, what art is there where you live and how do people feel about it? This will shape a programme of large scale art projects across Scotland led by the ORBIT Youth Council. 

Industry Mentoring

You will be matched to someone working in the Creative Industries who shares your interests. They can help you to explore career options and answer your questions. 


What’s in it for me?

  • Build confidence and communication skills

  • Learn team work and decision making and make new friends

  • Great stuff for your CV or UCAS form 

  • Learn more about art and meet exciting people

  • Free trips, travel, accommodation and food


Count me in… what’s next?

Fill out the application form and email it to by WEDNESDAY 4 SEPTEMBER

Successful applicants will be contacted week commencing 9 September 2018

First residential weekend at Jupiter Artland tbc

Any questions email Kate or call on 01506 889900