COUNCIL MEMBER BIOS (in no particular order!) 


Hello, my name is Maxwell Crawford and I am a current 6th year studying Advanced Higher Art, English and Higher Modern Studies at St Andrews Secondary School. I like to spend my time listening to music, drawing, experimenting with graphic design and creating video projects on my computer through editing software. I also enjoy activities such as running and mountain climbing. I am extremely excited to meet you all and to make this project great


Hi, my name is Chloe. I'm 16 years old. I'm in 6th year at St Peter the Apostle High School, doing the Saltire Award and studying Art, English and RMPS. In my spare time I love to go skating, I like listening to music, going on walks, and drawing random cartoons. I can't wait for the great opportunities to come, and I look forward to meeting you all : )

Hey, I’m Sophie. I am currently in my last year of school and studying advanced art and computing as well as higher photography and French at St Kentigern’s Academy. I really enjoy art, especially graphic design which I hope to study at uni. Aside from art I have many other interests such as hiking, snowboarding and I also have a slight obsession with classic cars. I can’t wait to join the council and I’m looking forward to meeting you all!x

My name is Amy Anna Graham, I am 16 and I am in S6 at Williamwood high school. I love listening to music and just creating random things in my sketchbook. I am currently working towards my advanced higher art and am very interested in portrait painting and the works of Renaissance artists. I am very excited to meet you all and can’t wait to see what we create!!


Hello, I’m Daniel Leckerman. I’m 18, and I live in Glasgow. I’m a singer-songwriter, and I think that with any art form it isn’t just about the technical ability, of course it’s about developing skills and being good at your art form, but it’s largely about networking and using your art form as a means to empower others. Music to me gives us a platform to raise awareness/be vocal of issues, learning to accept and embrace our physical disabilities and mental health issues. As an individual, I’m helping to make the arts more accessible in Scotland, especially with young people, and I would love to keep doing that and more. I will always continue to link my art with activism, in order to help make the arts a more meaningful and valuable place.


Hiya, I’m Cara:) I’m sixteen and currently studying Higher Art, English, Music Technology, Film and Media as well as Maths. My passions are taking photos and making short films in my local coastal town that is Dunbar. I also love writing and recording music and playing live (on the odd occasion!). I’m really looking forward to this experience and working with you all:) x​

I am Eilidh, I'm 17 years old and studying Art, History, Business, English, and Biology at St Kentigern's Academy. I come from a relatively small village in West Lothian with only 5000 or so people living in it. I enjoy going on long walks through the woods and drinking far too much tea as well as everything artsy and am very excited to be part of the council!


I'm Charlotte, I’m from Cumbernauld and I’m a 6th year at Cumbernauld Academy.

I love art and hope to study it in the future. Some of my other hobbies art acting in my schools 

shows and reading books. I like meeting new people and am excited for the year to come! 


I am Ewen, a student in sixth year working towards achieving my Highers. I love to draw and create artworks in different styles and media. I find that art has helped to develop key skills such as patience, observation and focus, all of which are also important in everyday life. I hope to find a job in which I can continue my passion for art and design.

Hi I’m Ollie from Edinburgh, right now I study at Edinburgh Steiner school and when I’m not there I’m usually sewing. I’m interested in fashion and art, my favourite designer is Alexander McQueen and I also really love documentaries. Things I’m passionate about are visibility for queer bodies, self expression and the human form. I can’t wait to meet and create with you all. Kisses kittenz, Ollie

I'm Lisa I’m an outgoing person with a strong drive, passion and determination in anything I do. I am enthusiastic about playing rugby and I really enjoy Art and Design at school however my favourite subject is Chemistry. 

A total nerd for animation and video games, Tyler spends his free time playing games and bringing characters to life on a screen. He is keen to use his experiences growing up to promote diversity and equality within his community. He is very excited to be part of the Orbit Youth Council as it is the perfect opportunity to bring together his passion for art and his strong sense of identity to help open the eyes of others to the world of art. 

I'm Finn,  an aspiring architect from Greenock whose artistic interests began with exposure to galleries and artists through my parents. Currently I attend a folio preparation course and will hopefully study at Dundee next year. Art and design is my main passion but I love indie/alternative music and take an avid interest in politics. Outside of the arts I love gigs & festivals and going out

Hey, I'm Eve. I'm in 6th year at Williamwood High School. I love all things film, and would love to one day work in the art department for TV or cinema, hopefully in costume or in props. In my spare time I love to draw, chill with pals, or just listen to music (loving Lorde, Florence and the Machine, and Wolf Alice). I cant wait to meet you all xx

Hi I’m Mirin, I’m 17 and from Glasgow. I’m a fifth year at Williamwood High School where I’m studying for my highers. I love playing and listening to music, I’m also really passionate about politics and feminism. I’m really looking forward to meeting, travelling and working with everyone at ORBIT and I can’t wait to get started! Xx

Hiya i’m Lyela, I have a big passion for art and design as well as photography. In which I want to take further to a career path in textile design. Oh also I’m a major music fan ( mostly into indie music but I  listen to anything really). Looking forward to meeting all you lovely people :))