Council Takeover #1 Hermione

February 16-17 with ORBIT

This was the second weekend with the council! On the Saturday we met at Waverley station and travelled to Leith’s “spilt milk “ - an indie creative studio space- where we had booked out the photography studio and some workshop rooms. We then split off into two groups one learning about “chroma keying” in the photography space, and the other doing individual presentations about our communities.

The activities allowed us to interact and learn with new equipment in the green screen room - an experience and skills that we wouldn’t have gained otherwise ,but are extremely useful in the creative industries. The photography tutor was very engaging and was great at explaining things in a memorable way. While the presentations where a great way to get everyone to share where they’re from ,and issues and positives about our areas.

On the second day we travelled from our hostel to Jupiter Artland - which was probably my favourite experience as part of ORBIT so far. It was amazing to be surrounded by artwork on a scale I haven’t really experienced before. We were given a tour and the chance to explore the artwork and sculpture.

Then we had our final meeting of the weekend, presenting a collective four agreed areas to the rest of the group. We then started to plan and brainstorm our role as ORBIT in the upcoming “Jupiter Rising “ festival! Which everyone is super excited to be a part of!


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