Creative Powerhouse take over Jupiter Artland!

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Our Youth Council finally had an opportunity to fully unleash their creativity at our most recent 'making' weekend. The Council are delivering 'Departure Lounge to Jupiter Rising'; an immersive experience which will see festival goers transported from Earth to our fantastic festival (Fri 23 / Sat 24 Aug). The experience, designed and delivered entirely by the young people culminates in that all important festival souvenir - a group picture with a difference! With the support of professional artists, Council members have designed and made space themed costumes and make-up so festival goers will look and feel the part on their magical flight to Jupiter Rising. A space themed set, green screen, futuristic air stewards and bespoke merchandise complete the fun! The Council thoroughly enjoyed a creative weekend of designing and making at Jupiter, exploring a range of materials and techniques, working out pricing and designing a brilliant addition to the Festival offering.

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