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We thought you might be interested in hearing directly from some of our council members what they enjoyed about our trip to London. Over to them!

"My favourite part of the trip was meeting everyone who were all so passionate about being on the youth council, all of the team were very welcoming and it was interesting hearing about everyone else’s backgrounds in art. I enjoyed visiting all the different galleries my family isn’t as interested in art as me so being able to go with other people who also enjoy art was fun and I felt like we all shared an appreciation for the works. I was surprised by the diversity of Rachel’s work from the political commentary to VR and how she was able to apply her skills in a way which was so uniquely her in all mediums, it made me think how we as artists can leave a mark on our work while still experimenting and growing. Overall the trip to London was amazing and it has made me excited about what we can produce as a council in the future!"

- Charlotte

"The London trip was amazing I really enjoyed myself. I learnt a lot about the artists and how they work and how exhibitions work and how this is only the start of my career. I enjoyed spending time with those who had the same interests and learning about how others work"

- Lyela

"My weekend with the ORBIT Council was amazing. I was caught up in a world wind adventure to London to see some fantastic art by Rachel Mclean and Yayoi Kusama. I want to thank Jupiter Artland for the generosity that they’ve shown to me and the other members and for bringing me together with a group of new friends! I loved everything and I think that even after this whole experience is over all of us are going to stay friends. I also want to thank every one of the members of ORBIT for being such great people. Each and every one of you are amazing and you are so easy to talk to and so fun to be around. Thank you again for this whole adventure the London trip is something I don’t think I’ll ever forget it was such a magical experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world."

- PJ

"The weekend itself was wonderful! The galleries were amazing and the experience overall, it was also really nice to be able to speak to others my age who were interested in art. So thank you so much for the opportunity and deciding to include me in it."

- CJ

"Thank you so much for an incredible weekend! It was a really enriching experience and I really loved it and meeting so many great people."

- Mirin

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