Making of a Manifesto - Ewen

The last weekend that took place during January was amazing and really helped the newer members of the council to integrate more with the members from last year. It was great being back at Jupiter Artland again, and seeing all the amazing art pieces like we had done the previous year. The only thing I wasn't prepared for was the bracing cold from the wind. I really enjoyed learning about conceptual art and one of the artists working alongside Jupiter Artland who specialises in that area. Creating our own conceptual ideas was really fun especially as we didn't have any limits which led to some hilarious ideas. Also learning about happenings was something I enjoyed, seeing how they could be so different but still share the similarity of spreading out into the environment they were set in. It was an unusual experience trying out some happenings first hand but definitely gave worthwhile experience. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend with everyone.

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