ORBIT on Tour

Our most recent ORBIT weekend was spent in Glasgow where we were delighted and excited to be invited to visit the studio of Artist Rachel Maclean. Rachel was incredibly generous with her time and allowed us to sift through her amazing scripts, props and costumes for inspiration. She talked us through her artistic process and showed us some of the skills she uses post-production.

It was inspiring for the young people to hear from an internationally recognised artist whose own art school experience was recent enough to feel it could be emulated. We also picked up good, practical tips for 'Departure Lounge', the Youth Council's installation at Jupiter Rising Festival. Departure Lounge will feature fantastical props, costumes and make-up and a green screen experience so Festival goers can transport themselves into outer space. Departure Lounge is being entirely curated by the Youth Council and will feature products designed and made exclusively by them.

The rest of our ORBIT weekend focused on developing the skills needed to deliver 'Departure Lounge' and took in everything from costume making and make up to 'theatre of the oppressed' style workshops. The later looked at a series of scenarios where people were treated unfairly and role played various interventions which could improve the outcomes. This workshop was an engaging way for the Council to practice presenting ideas and engaging in debate where there were differing points of view, one of the identified outcomes for ORBIT.

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