ORBIT Youth Council rise to the challenge for Jupiter Rising

For our festival last month, OYC created and curated DEPARTURE LOUNGE: an immersive audience experience, featuring cosmic costumes, space-age make-up and a green screen extravaganza. All the costumes and make-up looks were designed and made by the young people as was the audience experience from check-in desk to souvenir group photograph.

The Youth Council were also in charge of festival merchandise and make-up. They designed and screen printed t shirts and tote bags and fashioned space themed headwear during several making days at Jupiter Artland. They had to agree, as a group, pricing for DEPARTURE LOUNGE and their merchandise and head into the festival site with flyers to talk to festival goers and promote it.

This is what Hermione had to say about taking part:

“The Jupiter Rising experience was the highlight and amazing endnote to my experience of being a part of the ORBIT Youth Council. It was a combination of our years work within Jupiter Artland, creating and running our own creative evetn within the festival. As a whole being part of this program has inspired and informed me, not only about art but in collaboration and self confidence. Now being able to greater express myself within work and my community.”

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