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In partnership with artist Peter Liversidge, ORBIT Youth Council would like to invite you to collaborate on a piece for Jupiter Artland’s 2020 artistic program. We invite you to take part in a reinvention of Alan Kaprow’s OUT/EXIT PIECE. We intend this to be a collaboration in the true sense of the word, with your help shaping the artwork.

We are gathering text from children and young adults from schools across Scotland, using a brief questionnaire to stimulate debate and conversations. Your responses will form the text used to make a group of Sign Paintings - text based works, painted using black acrylic paint directly on cardboard. These will be made and displayed during 2020 at Jupiter Artland starting with our ‘Kids Go Free’ event on 9th/10th May.

We would like to ask you to be involved by answering the questions below. The answers to the questions will be used to create a body of text from children and young people across Scotland. Crucially, we want to hear the voices of young people who, being too young to vote in the last election may feel their voices are not being heard.

# Where do you live in Scotland?

# What is the best thing about Where You Are?

# If anything, what would you like to change?

# What would you like to tell everyone?

Responses to the questions are welcomed in any form; as easy as an email back to learning@jupiterartland.org, as complex as an attached photograph of your own cardboard signs, or even by completing a simple surveymonkey questionnaire.

We just ask that your voice is heard.

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