What's in it for me?

With just one week to go to get your application in for ORBIT Youth Council, we thought you might want to know more about why applying is a good idea. So here are some thoughts from our existing Youth Council on what the experience has meant for them.

"What we have seen, all we have experienced has opened us up to what we can now do. For me, I didn't really know what I wanted to do after leaving school. Now after being with ORBIT and going to see the different areas we have been to; I now know what I want to do after leaving school which I think is really important." Ewen

"Its been the highlight of my life. It’s been like a whirlwind journey. I don’t come from a relatively bad off family or great off family, so going to London just to look at art was something that just was not possible for me. Going and seeing exhibitions that I was interested in I just didn’t think that was possible for me. This has opened up so many doors for me. Yes, I would recommend it to other people." PJ

"I didn’t realise how much responsibility and voice we would actually have. I understood that they would take our opinions and let us voice our opinion, I didn’t realise what a big impact we would have. DEPARTURE LOUNGE is purely our ideas and everyone opinions put together. I thought that adults may have changed things. But no!" Lisa

When asked, the Council collectively felt that there are limited creative opportunities for young people in their small communities and they valued the chance to talk to people from all over Scotland. They also felt that they, as a Council, had formed a community and that engaging in debate about art amongst themselves had positively impacted their creative practice and confidence. Several Council members also recalled the benefits of bonding with young people from different backgrounds but who share their interest in art.

Many of the participants made comparisons between ORBIT and school. They valued the opportunity to work in teams. Some members believe that the school environment does not facilitate constructive, analytical discussion or sharing of ideas. One Council member remarked that the process of looking at 6th year portfolios had made her more aware of different career pathways. Another said her confidence improved from talking to other young people about their career ambitions. The young people enjoyed the responsibility of being on the Youth Council. They recalled that they had more freedom than in school and were ‘treated like adults’.

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