Where does art belong?

To recap, our Youth Council had been challenged with working in small groups to agree a location for a proposed creative 'happening' which they could present back to the whole council. This task involved researching locations and answering a number of questions about what sort of event they would host, who would come, what would they get from attending and what challenges they might expect to face in organising an event.

The team behind this proposal, Oriarna, CJ, Lisa, Ewen and PJ had an interesting process with their venue selection. Three of the four initially pitched the same venue, Slessor Gardens in Dundee. When they realised this instead of going for the obvious option, the team got behind Ewen’s pitch to create an art happening at Turriff show as it has great footfall and is very popular. However, when they realised the dates for the happening would be changing and they would no longer coincide with the show they had to iterate their idea again and it morphed into a celebration of rural versus urban. This called for some flexible thinking and creative problem solving.

Turning a potential negative into a positive the team's new idea found a way to include an even bigger audience. They suggested panels could be sent out to various communities across Aberdeenshire, Angus and Dundee to be worked on in community groups and then all brought together for an exhibition in a location or locations to be decided. They thought the finished piece could go on a tour of rural areas of Scotland to promote the idea that great art is not something which only happens in big cities.

"From the Edinburgh weekend, I really enjoyed brainstorming together, both in the small groups when we were deciding on the event and venue, and all together when we were looking at Jupiter Rising."


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